The Importance of a Personality Profile Test

If you have ever looked for a job, you must be already familiar with a personality profile test. Such a test helps a company to find a talent or potential employee who has suitable personalities, characters, values, and principles for the company’s culture. In this article, we will discuss the importance of a personality test.

See If a Talent Matches with the Company’s Culture

As it is said before, a personality test can help a company to assess if a talent or potential worker fits the company’s culture. It helps the company to see if they have personal values and principles that are not in contrast with the company’s vision, mission, values, and spirit. For example, is the talent willing to compromise if they find themselves do not match with the company’s culture?

Improve the Company’s Quality and Talent Retention

personality profile test can help to minimize the turnover rates that can impact a company’s income. A talent’s personality that matches the company’s needs makes the business relationship run on a mutualism basis. This builds loyalty and success in achieving the targets that the company wants to reach.

Predict Talents’ Future Success in Their Jobs

Nothing can manipulate someone’s personality. So that by performing a personality test, a company can somewhat predict if a talent or potential employee has a chance to succeed in the future when it comes to their job. For example, someone who is open to new things, result-oriented, and loves to socialize has a bigger chance to succeed as an account executive or salesperson.

Why is a Personality Profile Test Important in Recruitment?

According to the Centre for Management and Organization Effectiveness, it is important for a company to be sensitive to the needs and feelings of potential talents before holding a personality test. The company should inform the objectives of the test and what impacts it has on the talent personality. The company should make sure that talents can securely join the personality test.

Also, talents have the right to know that their test results will not be misused. The benefit that the company gets from such a test is obtaining the threshold value of the talents that can increase their work productivity. Moreover, figuring out a talent’s personality can make the training process simpler to design.

Once they get the result, the company will be able to develop a comprehensive training program easily as they basically have gotten the information about the talents’ strength and weakness through the personality profile test.

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